Below are some questions we’re frequently asked about the role of Marine Surveyors, their qualifications and their activities. If you don’t find the answer to your question please contact us.

How do I find the NAMSGlobal marine surveyor closest to the marine survey job I would like done?

The NAMSGlobal web site features a “Find A Marine Surveyor” page.

How do I know that a particular NAMSGlobal marine surveyor is qualified to do the job I need done?

NAMSGlobal marine surveyors identify the discipline(s) in which they accept assignments in “plain language” in their listing on the “Find A Marine Surveyor” page.

Click on Find a Marine Surveyor to find a NAMSGlobal marine surveyor with the qualifications you need. If you want additional assistance in understanding the several disciplines, please contact the NAMSGlobal National Office at 800.822.6267.

What types of professional services can a NAMSGlobal marine surveyor offer me?

NAMSGlobal marine surveyors offer professional services in many areas including vessel condition evaluation, vessel valuation and appraisal, damage evaluations, and expert witness testimony. Each NAMSGlobal marine surveyor can best answer this question individually. Please use the Find A Marine Surveyor” page to locate a NAMSGlobal surveyor in a particular geographic area, and by discipline. Then contact the surveyor or surveyors to discuss your individual needs. NAMSGlobal marine surveyors ascribe to a Code of Ethics which assures prospective clients that NAMSGlobal a surveyor will truthfully and objectively state whether they are or are not qualified to undertake a particular engagement.

Is NAMSGlobal a professional organization or a trade organization?

NAMSGlobal is a professional organization whose purpose is to develop and improve the competence and professional ethics of its members, and to provide a means for marine surveyors to obtain professional certification by engaging in a rigorous accreditation program, as well as continuing education opportunities.

How long does it take to become a NAMSGlobal marine surveyor?

NAMSGlobal has three categories of active marine surveyor membership; Certified Marine Surveyor (CMS or NAMSCMS), Associate member, and Apprentice member. NAMS Certified Marine Surveyors must have served as professional marine surveyors for not less than five years, or have served as professional marine surveyors for not less than two years and have substantial experience in the marine industry that is closely related to the technical requirements of marine surveying (shipyard superintendents, Coast Guard or ship Classification Society field inspectors engaged in vessel inspection, individuals actively involved in boatbuilding and vessel repair, etc.). Additionally, a NAMSCMS must undergo a screening process by NAMSGlobal, and succeed in passing rigorous testing in one of the NAMSGlobal Service disciplines.

NAMSGlobal Associate members must have completed at least 50% of the marine survey engagements required as a minimum for NAMSCMS application in their chosen Service Code. Additionally, the Associate member has undergone rigorous screening, and has successfully passed an Ethics Examination taken from the NAMSGlobal published Code of Ethics.

If you are a marine surveyor and would like know more about becoming a NAMS member, click here.