✔︎ Benefit From Our Maturity & Reputation

NAMS has been established since 1962, and is universally recognized and accepted as the best marine surveying organization.

Insurance companies, legal and finance professionals, and marine equipment owners/operators and brokers know to seek out NAMS members to handle their marine surveying needs.


✔︎ The Most Respected Marine Surveyor Certification

Before joining NAMS, prospective members are evaluated based on their ethics and experience, and then tested on their knowledge.

Because our member certification process has solidified our reputation in the industry, your NAMS Certified Marine Surveyor (NAMS-CMS) designation carries the weight of that reputation.


✔︎ Participate in Networking & Learning Opportunities

As a NAMS member you will be surrounded by a unique group of professionals. This opens doors to advancing your profession and knowledge base.

NAMS conventions and regional meetings are a hub of expertise, and your membership will allow you to tap that experience to offer a higher standard of service to your client or employer.


✔︎ Maintain YOur Professional Freedom

NAMS strives to maintain the highest caliber membership, while simultaneously not dictating how our member surveyors should conduct their business.

Once a prospective member has joined the organization, they are able to conduct their business as they deem best, while operating in an ethical and professional manner.

NAMS does not require members to maintain specific reporting formats or dictate what content a surveyor must report on.

In a world of increasing rules and regulation we offer our members the freedom of being unleashed professionals in their chosen field of expertise.